Prohibited Items

With our roll-off dumpsters, there are a few restrictions on what you can and cannot put into it. The items you cannot put in the roll-off dumpsters include:

Some of these items are banned from specific landfills due to the risk of toxicitiy or their specific handling needs. Please do not dispose of any chemical, hazardous and toxic waste in your roll-off dumpster rental without notifying us prior to, for some of these items require special disposal methods to prevent harming the environment. County and State governments may enforce these prohibitions with fines or penalties.

Not sure if your trash is prohibited, hazardous, or toxic? Try checking for a label or indicator.If you let us know before hand, we will be able to dispose of it at the correct dump site. Depending on what kind of load we have determines which dump site we are going to take it to. If you need to dispose any of these items into your roll-off dumpster, please notify us beforehand. Failure to notify us if the roll-off dumpster contains any of these items may result in an additional fee. If you have any questions regarding the prohibited items or additional fees, please feel free to contact us at (703) 828-0267